iOS worker became slower lately?

Hi there,

I’ve noticed the “Install Dependencies” task on iOS builds got much slower lately.
It went from 10 (Oct 19, 2021 8:25 PM) to 20 (Oct 27, 2021 4:41 PM) minutes approximately.

Same SDK version: 42.0.0.
Same VM template: macos-big-sur-11.4-xcode-12.5.

I’ve also noticed the same project (exact same code version) on Android still takes 10 mins.

I guess it could be due to a changed VM config?

The main issues I’ve been facing is all iOS builds fails due to the 1 hour timeout (can this be extended somehow?).


  • bare workflow
  • eas-cli@0.33.1

Any help is much appreciated.


minimal app on Ios builds under 10 minutes, most iOS builds take between 10-20 minutes. I think that it’s sth in your project that you can optimize.

Assuming it’s not issue with your project config there might be few options

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thanks @wkozyra, since yesterday installation times on iOS halved (I made two builds so far), so it’s back to 10 mins (which is in line with what we get in azure pipelines we already use for web on the same project).

I’ll investigate why running fast lane takes another 20 mins (this hasn’t changed since I started using EAS).

(regarding the security issue I’d already checked the day it was made public)