EAS Build not building latest version of code, but succeeding with no errors.

Workflow: Bare
eas-cli: eas-cli/0.47.0 darwin-x64 node-v14.18.3

Hello, I have been using eas build to build my project. Here is the command I use for that:

eas build --profile internalDevelopment --platform ios
eas build --profile internalDevelopment --platform android

For weeks it has been working fine. Recently, I’ve been trying to build a new version of my project, and the build is succeeding without any errors. However, when I open the build on my device, the app is running an old version of the javascript code. I am not able to build new versions of my app. I have run
eas build:inspect -p ios -s archive -o build-inspect --profile staging, and the output in the build-inspect directory contains the latest changes of my code. However, when I build the app and open on my devices, I see screens that I have deleted and that aren’t present in the build-inspect folder. The same old version of my app is getting built for iOS and Android. Is there some cache that EAS is using that I can clear? I just want my app to build with the current version of the code I have in my project directory. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

When building on eas the same code as build:inspect produces is uploaded to worker and build runs on that.

The only thing that comes to mind that could cause that is OTA updates, e.g. eas builds latest version, but OTA update reverts to old code. If this is happening then it’s a bug on our side, OTA update should affect only apps build before publish.

  • try changing releaseChannel to sth that was never used before
  • when you open app first time does is also that the old version(or is it showing up the second time you open the app)?
  • try deleting app and installing it again (if you are updating maybe old bundle was cached on the device)
  • are you sure that no-one on your team published to that releaseChannel (note that this includes running expo build with that release channel)?

Thanks for the help. I’m not using OTA updates. I resolved the issue. I had Linking code for a WIP feature, but I hadn’t fully configured linking yet. I was seeing a warning in the console on the dev client that linking needs to be configured in app.json. When I commented out the WIP Linking code, things started working correctly again.

For anyone else who could be encountering this issue–after I posted this, I made another build, and the app would just crash immediately on startup. It wouldn’t even show me the old code anymore.

In the meantime, I also updated a few outdated packages I was getting warnings about when starting up the dev client. Those may have also been contributing to the problem, but I was building and running fine with those warnings before.