Does Expo SDK support Harmony OS (Huawei phones)?

Expo SDK: 41 (managed)

I’m experiencing some issues with users who use Huawei phones with Harmony OS on board.
Currently there are not much info to share - problems started appearing not long ago and there are not many useful feedback from users right now. I will update topic as soon as any meaningful info appears.

I don’t really know anything about that new Harmony OS aside that it should support Android apk apps. But it seems like something is not compatible with apps built with Expo SDK.

As I can see - Harmony OS becomes quite popular lately so I’ll need my app to be compatible with it.

Any help and questions appreciated. Maybe someone knows what parts of Expo SDK are incompatible with Harmony OS and maybe how to solve the issues.

Hey @swayok, we aim to support android-enabled OS devices but there tends to be more nuance, complexity and inevitably issues as that number of different OS’s grows. We’ve seen some issues that seem scoped to Huawei devices before. Without more information and specifics it’ll be hard to address this though.

When you are able to collect more actionable and reproducible information, please relay it to us and we can go from there!


Ok. I’m going to try and publish my app to Harmony OS app store and see how it works.

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@swayok Please report back how it goes!

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