expo.io page needed: expo SDK -> ios/android supported versions

Either for each respective SDK or for all SDKs gathered on one page.

Hey @blackops.

I’m not sure I get that. Can please elaborate about what you meant by the following:

Hi Aman. I think they are asking for an official list of:

Expo SDK 42 supports Android vX to vY and iOS vN to vM
etc. for other Expo SDK versions.

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We don’t have that kind of limitation with the current active SDK (46) and the currently supported SDKs (45, 44, 43). However, we have a minimum OS version. For Android is 5 and iOS is 11. You can find this info in the FAQs: Common questions - Expo Documentation

Thanks for the response. There’s a lot to document, I know, but I wasn’t thinking that faq info was up-to-date. (it wasn’t explicitly attached to any versions.) Thanks.

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We usually put commonly asked information related questions in the FAQ (try to keep the FAQ up to date at the same time). If you find anything odd or info not belonging to any particular page, let me know. Happy to hear any feedback related to docs.

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