app does not support new android versions?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: expo 48
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): android
    The application I created with expo 44 before has been published for about 3 years. Recently we have received complaints from some users. They can’t download the app and can’t see it in the play store. It says “This app cannot be used on your device because it is made for older versions of Android”. I also updated with sdk 48.

When I created and published the internal test group, I saw that they could not download it again. Android version 12 (Honor 70),13 (Samsung s22). I thought Google changed their policy. I updated the sdk now why didn’t it work.

Also, I had left a space from the top bar because the phone was padded. Now it’s automatically blanked itself again and it looks white.

how can i fix these problems?

Has anyone encountered this problem?

I think the problem is on the google play side. I have updated the application with the latest version sdk 48 right now. I submitted it to testers. It still gives the same warning. Buddha is deceiving us. It looks like the problem persists. I took the risk and published the application in the prod environment and the problem was fixed.

As far as I understand, when I updated the original with the latest version, the problem was already solved. The warning to the internal test misled me. It was fixed when I put it in the Prod environment. So get proda even if it fits. Test with real environment.

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