Android supported version for expo client app and apps created with expo

I’m trying to install expo app from Play market on my Android 4.4.2 phone but can’t - I see “Your device is not compatible with this version” message.
Here it’s written that android 4.4+ is supported. And on the page of the app it’s written “Requires Android 5.0 and up”. Is android 4.4 supported and how to run apps on andorid 4.4 ?

Hey @truestep,

Sorry about this. With the release of SDK31, we dropped support for Android 4.4 but the docs haven’t been updated to reflect that. You can read more about why we dropped support here: Expo SDK v31.0.0 is now available | by Eric Samelson | Exposition

I’ll make changes to the docs to ensure there isn’t more confusion moving forward.



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