Do I need to rebuild an apk if I already have the app-bundle

I am using expo cli version 4.13.0 and SDK version 41.

My app is already published on the play store and I always build it using expo build:android -t app-bundle without issues.

Since I also want my app to be available for testing on a Huawei smartphone without access to the playstore I also run expo build:android -t apk to have access to the apk.

Do I really need this workflow or is there a simpler, less resource intensive on your side?

Bumping this up in the forums.

Just want to know if I really need to build one version and then the other, app-bundle and then apk.

you can create apk from aab using bundletool, there is no way do that server-side on expo builds

@rmarques here’s a bit more info on @wkozyra’s answer:

Since you’re using expo build:android instead of eas build -p android, you’ll need to download the credentials with expo credentials:manager instead of eas credentials. Otherwise the info is the same for both expo build and eas build.

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