How can I generate an apk from an expo bareworkflow project?

Before ejecting I used this command to generate my apks: expo build:android -t apk, but then I had to eject to add some library and I don´t know how to generate the apk again.


you can use eas build or build locally on your machine using the standard tools that one would use for building an android app

Thanks for your answer. I have little knowledge about android, Do you have any guide or tutorial to use those standard tools?

if you don’t know how to do that you’re better off just using eas build. it will reuse the same keystore you used from expo build:android. otherwise you can follow Publishing to Google Play Store · React Native

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By the way, now that EAS Build exists there’s a good chance you don’t need to eject. But you would have to build with EAS Build instead of expo build:android and you might need to write a config plugin.

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Thanks, eas worked for me. In case someone needs it, I followed the instructions from this page
Creating your first build - Expo Documentation and then from this one Building APKs for Android emulators and devices - Expo Documentation.

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