Updating Play Store app with a newly created expo development build?

so, I have an app live on Play Store.
It’s using Expo’s development build, since I needed some library that was only supported through development build.

Now I want to update a few things with the app, and one of the new features requires another library that is also runs only with dev-build.

So, I can’t just install it on my current development build for the app and run dev-build again, I think, because well… it’s already built, so, I need to create a new expo app, install all the libraries that I need, including the new one (that makes 2 libraries that need dev-build), update the code and so on, and then, upload a new .aab file to the Play Store.

My question is - is this possible? When I’m building an app it asks me if I want it to generate a new keystore, so, is it possible to choose no and then enter the keystore of the app that’s already live at the store? Will that work? What about versionCode? Will I need to just put the following number in it? What is the best way to go through with this?