Disabling over the air updates for expokit apps(expo detached app)

I have expo detached app working via Expokit. I want to disable over the air updates that happen when I publish. I want updates to be available via Play Store/App Store only. How can I disable over the air updates for expo detached apps. Any help is appreciated.Thanks

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you can the update to be enabled: false in app.json. It’s under expo.updates field

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Did that. Made no difference. I published and still the users were able to receive updates.Any other way?

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Hey @aakashraina,

Just to be certain, did you rebuild your app and release the new build after making the changes to updates in your app.json? For those changes to take effect, you need to build a new ipa or apk rather than simply publishing. You can read more about this here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v31.0.0/workflow/publishing#limitations



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