Disabling OTA updates. Please

Can someone please give some guidance on how to disable OTA updates.
I understand Expo team is giddy with excitement about this feature, but its full of bugs, and build process is a nightmare.

I setup this in App.json

"updates": {
  "enabled": false

Expo eject is still adding Expo-Updates package to our pack list.
the library is added to XCode Project.

Scavenged the millions of pages of docs about exporting, unable to find something.

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We’re facing a similar issue.

Same settings as yours in App.json. Ejected project to the “bare workflow” and now have expo-updates present.

We tried several values in /ios/PROJECT_NAME/Supporting/Expo.plist which we got from expo/README.md at master · expo/expo · GitHub

This appeared to break resources we were loading with Expo Assets though:
EXUpdatesEnabled = false

These two we think are working, but have not done enough testing to know for sure.
EXUpdatesCheckOnLaunch = never
EXUpdatesLaunchWaitMs = 0

Something still doesn’t sit right that expo-updates is installed at all - would be great to hear from someone what the official way of disabling OTA is.