"updates.enabled in app.json" is working for detached project?

Hi Expo dev,
First, thank you for great product!

I wanna use updates.enabled function for detached project.
Is it working? It’s only my problem?
In my case, after below things, error came up. (ios is fine)

  1. project upgrading. (v25 -> v26). followed “https://blog.expo.io/expo-sdk-v26-0-0-is-now-available-2be6d9805b31
  2. added updates.enabed:false in app.json
  3. exp detach
  4. react-native link
  5. open android project
  6. gradle build & run

Any solution?

Hi @yangga - thanks for asking. Unfortunately enabled: false does not work on detached Android apps at the time of writing, as detached Android apps do not bundle any JS with them yet and must grab the published version remotely at least once. (This may change in the future.)

We’ll work on making this clearer in our documentation (and in the error message). For now, you should be able to use checkAutomatically: ON_ERROR_RECOVERY to achieve the same effect.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hi @esamelson,
thanks for the reply.

So, When I can use the feature that ‘detached Android apps do bundle JS’? (I really need this one)


Hi @yangga - we’ll try and get to it as soon as we can, but as we’re a small team and have a lot of open issues, I can’t promise any timeline.

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Thanks for reply.
Enjoy your job!!!

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