Detached Expo with multiple bundles

Hi all,
I have a big question. I love the expo idea to have an application which can download and run another.
I would like to have detached Expo application in Android store with own icon, name etc. I need to be able to show a list of available modules placed on our application server and be able to download and run this modules similar like it expo does. Is it somehow possible?

Thank’s very much

Can you explain what you mean by “modules”? Do you want a detached app that can load entirely separate app bundles? Can you explain what this would look like from the user’s point of view?

We have an information system with more application servers. For each application server exists desktop client or React client. The goal is to have one mobile application from which I will be able download mobile client (module) (written in React Native) of each application from its application server, download it to mobile phone and run it. I don’t want to install 10 or more applications on mobile device. I want to install one. Depend on rights I will see icons of all mobile parts. Each mobile part is quite small - 2 - 3 acitivities. The problem is that for each customer can be some applications in different versions - therefore i’m not able to make one common bundle for all applications.

Workflow for user is:

  • download root application (launcher like expo) from Store
  • scan QR code with url of application server with list of applications (modules) for which has user rights
  • root application create menu with modules
  • user run module
  • root application downloads bundle from application server and runs it (like it expo does)
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If you’re fine with the “modules” just being apps published to Expo servers then you can use to open the modules from the main launcher app. So you’d just do Linking.openURL('exp://') to open each module.

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