After expo app detach how to run android and ios app?

After open android folder in android studio i got lots of error. Can i not able to run app through expo xde after detach.
Please help me to solve my problem and please answer me step by step .

Hi @kulbhushansingh! It’s not possible to solve your problem unless you give us more information! Can you let us know what errors you are hitting?

After detach i want implement native module library react-native device info but it gives me Undefined object RNDeviceinfo…i cheked my android folder and check my application there have one module only that is RNDeviveinfo and mainpackager() module commented and i don’t know how i check my app successfully detach or not an now how implement native module. so please help me to find out problem

hi! once you’re detached you’re kind of on your own. you’ll have to read about linking libraries and learn about how to use native tools, eg: Linking Libraries · React Native

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