Is it possible to keep both expo and pure react-native versions of an app?

So, I’ve been using expo for a few months and absolutely love it. I am grateful to everyone who developed expo, I was able to make an awesome android application without much smartphone app development experience in any platform – I would never have accomplished this without expo.
Now, I’m in a need of some react-native plugins that require linking(filesystem being one of them). As I could read from other similar threads, the only way this is possible is to eject the app and continue developing it as a traditional react-native app without the expo advantage.
Now what I have in mind is to make my app available in two forks, one using expo, easily updated through expo and other one using pure react native, which will have these plugins. I created this app using create-react-native-app. Now what should I do so that the application gets distributed as such through expo but also get a new version of the app(eject) which I can develop using pure react-native and distribute it separately.
My doubt is that if I detach the app, can the main app still be developed using expo and the detached version through pure react-native?
Thank you!

Hey @hgs,

You should be able to achieve what you want by using Release Channels ( and having one channel used for your standard Expo project and one for your ejected project. This way you can ensure you don’t push any code that relies on native modules not included in your standard project that would break it in production.



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