Current state of payments in Expo?


I really need to take monthly subscription payments. I’ve been looking into options to get this working with Expo and they all seem a little convoluted - or people are saying that the process essentially negates the benefits of using Expo.

Can anyone advise on the simplest process to get this working for now and whether it’s worth sticking with Expo?

If I go the detach route, would I need a basic understanding of swift - or just the xcode build process? I assume I could still use Expo to build the android app?

Am I missing anything obvious?

Cheers :slight_smile:

You can always use Stripe, either vanilla using their REST API, or use Expo’s stripe-expo lib as a util for creating a Stripe token from card details. This leaves you to build the checkout UI by yourself, though.

I don’t think neither Apple Pay or Google Payments have been integrated yet, unfortunately, but they’re working on allowing custom native modules for this. Check out canny

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Excellent, thanks @jhalborg - so I misunderstood the issue (currently working on my first fleshed out app, I’m misunderstanding a lot…) and it’s fine to use Stripe as is! I’ll plough on with Expo then : )

Voted on the feature requests, thanks for the links.

Ah, looks like Apple will reject the app if subscription payments are used in the app for virtual products without their payment system being an option.

I guess the original question stands - is it worth using Expo if I’m definitely going to need take subscription payments for a virtual product? (I’d like to use it, seems fantastic!)

Hi! Right now the payments API we support is only available in detached apps. We’re working on making it possible to build a standalone app with payments available, but it may be later this year when that’s ready.

@dikaiosune is it still safe to assume payments won’t be here until late 2018/early 2019?

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