Using Payment system with expo without detaching?

Hi! Does expo have a way to use payment systems like stripe, paypal, etc without detaching?

Thank you!

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I remember @notbrent mentioning the ability to use Stripe without detaching, so it’s possible. I don’t remember exactly what the method was, went to check in the slack archive for the conversation but I think Expo may have opted out of having the Slack Archive in favor of these forums.

Hopefully he can expand on it when he gets some free time.

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Will wait patiently for @notbrent wise words :). Thank you adamjnav for you input. I’m truly grateful! Have an Amazing Weekend!

You could do it in a webview, but we don’t have any of the Stripe native components built into Expo.

Thank you @jesse! Will try that! :slight_smile:

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@jesse @hskb10

Have you tried Stripe with payment?
I am trying to use Stripe now. I need your experience. Please share~

Thank you.


Hi @dooboolab,

Did you manage to get Stripe integrated?

No, because stripe won’t allow my country (South Korea)…