Could someone guide me with first two baby steps, please?

Hi there! :slight_smile: I’m having trouble to create a new project with XDE. The swirl starts spinning after I press “Create project” … and nothing happens. Seems like is not responding to DNS queries and (I suppose!) the necessary files cannot be downloaded. If I try to open an existing project, it complains that app.json is not there, even though it’s there.

Any ideas? Any guidance is highly highly appreciated.
Thanks so much.

Using dig from the command line, there’s DNS resolution for but nothing returns in regards to

$ dig +short
$ dig +short

I’m not sure whether it is an issue or not. It’s just a suspicion which makes sense to me.


UPDATE: I’ve created a snack and I’ve opened it in XDE. This time it does not complain that app.json cannot be found. Actually “not found” is misleading. One thing is not being able to find a file; another thing is not being able to parse/process properly a file. Anyway, despite the progress (one baby step!)… the general behavior of a spinning swirl forever still persists, since apparently… nothing can be downloaded from

UPDATE: Running XDE from master seems to solve part of the problem.
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