Having trouble creating a new project

I downloaded the latest version of the XDE and am trying to create a new blank project but I keep coming across two separate errors. The first error appears in the actual XDE itself:

I can confirm that this file does exist and is in the proper path because I am creating the default blank project without making any changes to it.

The second error appears when I try to load the app on my phone:

Is anyone else having problems creating/running the default blank project?

I just tried it out on my Windows machine and it worked for me. What version of Windows do you have?

I’m using Windows 10. I seemed to get it working from my desktop at home but it doesn’t seem to work on my laptop. I tried deleting node_modules and re-installing but that didn’t seem to help either.

I’m not really sure what’s going on. Maybe you could try using our cli exp in different shells?