Command line too long when doing EAS local build on Windows

eas-cli/3.5.2 win32-x64 node-v16.18.1

I tried to debug this using

DEBUG=* eas build --platform android --profile preview  --local

The command that fails in the end is The command line is too long.

I hacked the code a bit to show the command it is sending.

  command: 'npx',
  args: [
    'eyJq... this is a very long JWT that contains my keystore...'

Is there any way of fixing this? PowerShell Error The command line is too long - Stack Overflow says there’s a 8191-character limit.

Maybe change it to take in the data through STDIN intead.

eas local builds are not supported in Windows apparently.

Should work fine (for Android only, of course) on WSL2 if that’s an option for you.

Is there any specific setup instructions for WSL2?

As far as I know it’s similar to running a Linux VM, but I don’t know of a way to bridge the network interface to the host’s network interface.

So you might need to either use npx expo start --tunnel or else forward port 19000 and/or 8081 through to the Linux instance. Something like this:

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