CodePush alike multi deployments with Expo?

I need a way to use a single code base for multiple deployments (i.e. white label).
With CodePush, I can create multiple deployment labels and push updates to each deployment separately.
Does Expo support multiple deployments? I only found a single publish path in the documentation.
Ideas are welcome.

Expo doens’t support this yet but we want to add features like this. Hopefully coming soon.
In the meantime, you can eject and setup CodePush if you need it.

Thanks. If I do eject and setup CodePush, won’t it conflict with updates I publish to Expo? Or do I just publish once to Expo and all following publishes to CodePush?

If you setup CodePush you would change your app to get code from there rather from the Expo system. I’m not totally sure how your development flow would change since I haven’t set this up. You can’t really use the Expo code deployment system together with CodePush though.

For now, just use different account for each deployment (ex: @myprod, @mystaging, @mydev)

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