publish same code over expo to multiple apps

I have created a general purpose community social networking app that I’d like to deploy in multiple react-native apps, It would be very cool if I could somehow use the same expo project and load it into all those bare react native apps… all bare apps would then have a different settings-file, and voila! I’d have 10 apps with the same source code.

Would this be possible with Expo?

I am almost certain you can accomplish this by having 10 different branches of the same git repo where they only differ in their app.json file.

You can then use a .gitattributes file with a merge driver in order for each branch to keep its own app.json. That way, you can write all your code in the master branch and then merge it to all the other branches. Each of the other branches would have a different app.json so it can be deployed separately.

We’ve done something like this where we have a separate folder of app.json files, and have an npm script that copies the right configuration we want to use to the top-level directory. Then have the top-level app.json in .gitignore. Used to be useful for separate test and prod versions prior to the introduction of release channels, still useful for things like white-labeling.


Sweet! Will try this. And then, I assume, it will be possible to do OTA updates to every app by just checking out the branches and expo publish? Which may be possible to be automated using a bash script of some sort?

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