Possible to include CodePush in Expo?

From Github issue:

“Would love to see codePush be included in the SDK so no need to eject.”

There is no need to include the CodePush library because Expo includes the same functionality out of the box.

Read here for more info: https://blog.expo.io/publishing-on-exponent-790493660d24

Hi - unless I am missing something, publishing an updated version using the Expo publish is not quite the same as Code Push to a native app? I cannot find the comparable information in the link? Am I missing something?

Hey there! Thanks for asking. This thread is quite old, and both Expo and CodePush have improved in that time.

  • Here’s a permalink to our most current guide on publishing in Expo.
  • If you need to distribute to multiple audiences or environments, you can publish with Release Channels.
  • If you want more control over offline support, or to fetch updates in the background, there are more details here.

Lastly, at the time of writing, we’re working on a more detailed Updates API. This will give you more detailed feedback about whether there’s a JS update available, and will provide a callback when you’ve downloaded it. The Updates API will also unify some of the more scattered features in my list above. Stay tuned!

(and in case I forget to update this forum post, if you’re reading this much later, you might want to go look around for the Updates API because we’ve probably released it.)

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I would like to publish my app for private users only - internal company app. At the same time i would like to have possibility to make live updates. Is it possible at this moment? As far as i understand if I publish to Google Play it will be public.
If I publish through chanels it will be still available if someone have a link, right? Is there any secure release channel?

you can share the apk with coworkers, or have them access it with the expo client app

Unless it’s on iOS, right? :slight_smile: :sob:

right, or you can publish under a shared account and they can access it on ios also. this person was specifically referring to android which is why i didn’t bother mentioning ios client limitations

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I have over 100 applications on the air, when I want to update OTA I need to loop throw them all because their bundle is with app.json configure, any solutions for one update to update all 100 applications?

can I use it with CodePush all together?