deleted My Snacks, please recover them

I lost all my snacks the odd thing is I still access the QR. Is there a way to recover the code? It supposes to be in this URL:

Because the QR generates the next URL which is working: exp://

Yes, we have them, working on getting this fixed asap. Sorry for this glitch, jasmo2!

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Thanks for your quick replay. You have been really helpful

Please let me know if we could help you in something.

Hi Jasmo2, your snacks should be restored now. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks it is working now

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I have a similar issue. The snack code should be here:
The working QR URL is: exp://

Please help me restore my lost code. Thanks.

Hi Eric,
the snack link seems to be working?

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The snack link works, but it contains the wrong version of my code. The QR URL refers to the correct version.

I also have a similar problem. Of snacks more than half has been deleted, not seen. Moreover, the ones left are not the last versions of them. Can they be recovered?

Thank you.

Hi Eric,
if you want to access the most recent version of your snack, you want to always use the named url.
The hashed url, “/71c2fb” is a snapshot in time.

Says that the last successful save was 3 days ago. Is that what you are looking for?

Hi mime, can you be a bit more specific? Can you provide example links?


Thanks for the help, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I am looking for the code that was compiled to produce the result that the QR URL exp:// refers to. I got this URL from the expo app. When I open this url, the latest version of my project is run. However, the code in my snack is older and does not produce the same result. If you can somehow get the code used to produce that compilation, that’d be great.

Hi @ericthestein,
ok I think understand what you are saying now and have found the issue. Just to confirm, if you go to this link directly does it match what you are looking for?


Unfortunately, that link also contains an older version of my code. If I remember correctly, the correct version has 300+ lines of code, while this one has 111.

There are 300+ lines when I click on the link. This is what I see.

Maybe there is some confusion. I think things may make sense once I get the fix out this afternoon.

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I now see all of the code. Thank you so much!

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Great! Thanks for your patience.

Also, sometimes if you save a draft there are two copies saved on your profile - the draft and the new named snack. It’s a little confusing, but that maybe related as well.

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Hello, Expo snack unable to save pages. When we update or import any code it will not save at all. When click on save it says snack saved successful when refresh that link last updated code get vanished, so we unable to build latest apk or ipa here…or run on snack updated code.
This is my link :

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