Cherry pick a React Native fix into detached-to-ExpoKit project?

We have a critical ship stopper bug for Android in our detached-to-ExpoKit project, based on Expo 27.0.0. Typing in a TextInput gets really slow really fast. There is a one line fix ( that first appears in RN 0.56. Our app is still based on Expo 27.0.0, but, even the latest 30.0.0 doesn’t have this fix (still based on RN 0.55). It looks like Expo 31 should get RN 0.57 which works for us (but probably big upgrade for us, upgrading dependencies to get to 31). But, 31 is probably too far away for us.

Any chance the core Expo team could spin a new Expo SDK 27 (or 30?), cherry picking this one line RN change for us?

Failing that, what’s the easiest way for us to get this one line fix into our existing app? There doesn’t seem to be great docs on building ExpoKit (along with dependencies like React Native) from scratch for Android. It seems we’d need to do that, and then point to our .aar files, in order to pick up this one line change.

Thoughts? Advice? Tips? Help? Thanks in advance!

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