Android Not Building On Expo SDK 48/React Native 0.71.8

After upgrading our app to the latest Expo SDK and React Native version we are getting the following errors. We are also unable to downgrade to the previous version of Expo and React Native due to other build errors. I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on resolving this as it’s preventing us from launching our Android app.

Environment Info:

  1. Expo SDK Version: 48.0.18
  2. React Native: 0.71.8
  3. Platform: Android

The build log is extremely long so I’ve added it to a Github Gist

I am having same issue… have you got any solution for this?

I’m also experiencing the same issue. It’s really annoying

@aneesmasudi and @jojoz I did fix my issue by creating a patch file for the library that was causing the issue. In my case it was a dependency issue with Expo Updates and Stytch. Are you both using Stytch? if not can you share your package.json

Thanks for reply @kingitaj , following is my package.json file:

“name”: “checkmatics-app”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“scripts”: {
“start”: “expo start --dev-client”,
“android”: “expo run:android”,
“ios”: “expo run:ios”,
“web”: “expo start --web”
“dependencies”: {
“expo/metro-config”: “^0.7.1”,
“react-navigation/drawer”: “^6.6.2”,
“react-navigation/native”: “^6.1.6”,
“reduxjs/toolkit”: “^1.9.5”,
“types/react”: “~18.0.27”,
“types/react-native”: “*”,
“expo”: “~48.0.18”,
“expo-constants”: “~14.2.1”,
“expo-font”: “~11.1.1”,
“expo-splash-screen”: “~0.18.2”,
“expo-status-bar”: “~1.4.4”,
“expo-updates”: “~0.16.4”,
“native-base”: “^3.4.28”,
“react”: “18.2.0”,
“react-dom”: “18.2.0”,
“react-native”: “0.71.8”,
“react-native-gesture-handler”: “~2.9.0”,
“react-native-reanimated”: “~2.14.4”,
“react-native-safe-area-context”: “4.5.0”,
“react-native-screens”: “~3.20.0”,
“react-native-svg”: “13.4.0”,
“react-native-table-component”: “^1.2.2”,
“react-redux”: “^8.0.7”,
“redux”: “^4.2.1”,
“expo-system-ui”: “~2.2.1”
“devDependencies”: {
“babel/core”: “^7.20.0”,
“sharp-cli”: “^4.1.1”
“private”: true

I was able to build an Android app with the deps that you mentioned. However some of them I had to fix due to missing @ symbols. Can you share the exact error log your are getting or a example repo where I can reproduce the error.

You can check images to see the actual error I am facing.

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