SurveyMonkey sdk works... but not with expo bare workflow

I’ve created an app for testing the survey monkey SDK using the library react-native-survey-monkey - I can run it with react-native run-ios and it works fine, but if I run it with expo start, it crashes with error Invariant violation: requireNativeComponent "RNSurveyMonkeyView" was not found.

Is there a guide somewhere describing how to develop native modules to be compatible with Expo where I could try to figure out what the issue is? I’d really like to fix the issue myself, but I’m not sure where to start looking. Is there a list of known compatibility issues for library authors?

If this isn’t the right place to ask this let me know.

Did you find a solution to this. I’m trying work out a solution but if you have found on eI would be grateful to hear!

Yeah I’m trying to figure it out as well… I still haven’t come up with anything unfortunately - if you figure out before me let me know! I also created a minimal reproduction here in case anyone wants to take a look:

As you said.
Works if you eject and add linking manually…
Looks like an Expo issue.

Yeah so I got a little more information from Brent from the slack, and he pointed me to this:
I was already using a bare expo app, but I was assuming that you could add arbitrary libraries and still use the expo client, which is not the case. Some libraries are supported and some aren’t, and the best way to tell which is which is by trying to install them, apparently. I’ve just switched to using regular react-native command line to run my app instead of the expo client.