Android reacts painfully slow to user inputs.

I’ve been developing a rather small quizz app using Expo. I’ve been using primarily an ios device + emulator, and things there are blazing fast. No complaints.

However, on the Android emulator the app is quite slow, and on my Xiaomi Redmi 5 device as well. I assumed this was because of unoptimised development code, but the issue persists on the final production build.

The slowness is apparent on every user action. Clicking buttons, screen changes, toggling checkboxes etc… On my xiaomi device in the production build, answering a question entails a 3-4 second delay until the app reacts. This action involves a redux action, but other actions that only manage local component state also take 3-4 seconds to callback. On the emulator, the delay is of around 1-2 seconds.

Android build available here:

Source code available here:

I would appreciate any tips or help since I’m quite new to react-native as well as expo.