Can't deploy via `expo publish` after upgrading the sdk from v43 to v46 today.

Hi everyone.
expo publish was working fine for me before I upgraded from SDK 43 to SDK 46. Everything in the CLI seems to be working because it will say Publish complete. It works fine locally, but after I publish it for internal users over the air it shows this error - Failed to load all assets on Expo Go.

Please help.

Tried with a simple app with npx create-expo-app my-app and triggered expo publish without changing anything. Got the same error.
expo publish doesn’t support OTA anymore in v46?

Hey @element7concrete, sorry that you are getting the error. Can you please:

  • run the command npx expo-env-info and share the output here?
  • also, to help us debug better, can you create a minimal reproducible repo and share it with us? Since you mentioned that you created fresh project and the error is still showing. We tried reproducing in a fresh project on our end and could not reproduce it.