Expo publish no longer working after upgrading to SDK 44

expo publish was working fine for me before I upgraded from SDK 42 to SDK 44. Since I upgraded to SDK 44 using expo publish is no longer pushing over the air updates. Everything in the CLI seems to be working because it will say Publish complete but the app is still the old version. I have built new app bundles with SDK 44 using eas build and uploaded them to the app store and google play store but the over the air updates aren’t going through like the used to. Thank you in advance!

are you noticing this on one specific platform? do you have expo-updates installed in your app?

It is on both Android and iOS. Not seeing the OTA updates anymore. And I don’t have expo-updates installed and it is not in my package.json

you need to install expo-updates in sdk 44 in order to use updates.

expo install expo-updates

now rebuild and your app will receive updates.

this was mentioned in the release notes but we could surface it more clearly in the upgrade guide


Thank you Brent! that worked like a charm.

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