expo publish wont update the live apps

Hello, I upgraded to the new version of the sdk, and now i cant use expo publish to update my app, like when a user closes the app and opens it again and its updated, i get this:

expo publish
Publishing to channel ‘default’…
We noticed that you have not built a standalone app with this SDK version and release channel before. Remember that OTA updates will only work for builds with matching SDK versions and release channels.


Publish won’t update apps with older sdks, so if you didn’t run build there is no point to run publish, because there is nothing that publish could update


I made changes to the app, which I’m trying to push to live apps on users phones, but without making a new version on the stores. I always used expo publish to update small stuff, now it’s giving me that message and it’s not updating the apps. Is there any way to update apps with older sdk or do you recommend to downgrade the sdk and make the publish again?

Between different SDKs there are native code/API changes, so if you would ran js code from new sdk on native code form the old one it would just crash if some api you use changed or was added/removed.

Only way to update that app is downgrade sdk and publish. In general I recommend to keep separate branch when switching to new sdk to have a easy way to add bugfixes for the old versions.

Will generating new iPa and apk and submitting a new version to the app and play store allow me to use expo publish again? Or downgrading will always be the only option to use expo publish now? Thanks

When you build anything publish will work, just the old version of apk/ipa won’t get those updates

In addition to what @wkozyra has said, here’s a good resource with some graphics to help you understand publishing @villarroel.


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