Cannot build IPA


I am building an application using Expo. So after the develompent I build the Android apk and everything went ok. Later i build the iOS ipa and that was ok, but when i tried to rebuild it, i get an Error while gathering & validating credentials error.
The body of the error : Reason:Unknown reason, raw:"{"authType"=>"sa"}
The apple developer credentials are ok. Can somebody help me?

P.S. I created a new expo project, just for test, and tried to build the ipa with → exp build:ios , but i get the very same error.

There was a related issue here: expo build:ios doesn’t work

You might just have to log back into your apple developer account to accept an apple agreement.

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Thanks, I had a problem with the certificates so i had to retrieve them all and rebuild the project. So the build was successful

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