Unable to create IOS build

Hello Team,

I am struggling a lot with creating the build for IOS,
I tried to find the resolution online, but couldn’t find any specific solution.

I am using “sdkVersion”: “26.0.0”
Here is the error as displayed on the console

10:39:46 [exp] Validating Credentials…
10:39:48 [exp] Error while gathering & validating credentials
10:39:48 [exp] Reason:Unknown reason, raw:"{“authType”=>“sa”}\naa=12887C9E9D554CA9CDC95A9C9D2E7882; Domain=idmsa. apple. com; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly, dslang=US-EN; Domain=apple .com; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly, site=USA; Domain=apple. com; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly, acn01=rHLQceOiXKUpidB4PXgOaU3imd7Dg/4zbQASTEz9MO2C; Max-Age=31536000; Expires=Tue, 28-May-2019 05:09:48 GMT; Domain=apple .com; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly"

Kindly help me please, I need to update my client with the resolution asap.
Awaiting your kind response.

Thanks in Advance.
Jitin Gambhir

Hello @jitingambhir,
{"authType"=>"sa"} is well known error and since the newest version of exp - 54.0.1 we show better error message when this happens.

Generally, you need to acknowledge to Apple’s Apple ID and Privacy statement. Please manually log into https://appleid.apple.com (or https://itunesconnect.apple.com) to acknowledge the statement.

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