Can I re-detach to fix a persistent Xcode build error?

I detached to ExpoKit recently and everything was going pretty well for a week or so thereafter, but now I can’t get a successful build in Xcode, following a failed install of a package.

I tried unsuccessfully to install and link react-native-image-picker, as described in my StackOverflow question here: – Following this failed install, and attempts to remedy it, I can no longer get a successful build in Xcode.

This was my first time detaching to ExpoKit, so I’m not very experienced with these workflows. I’m wondering if there is a possible solution on the Expo side of things. That is, can I re-detach somehow? Should I? Thanks. I am just trying to get my project working again, so I can resume coding/testing.

ps – I see it’s possible to undetach. That probably means I can undetach and then re-detach, and that might fix my problem.

And the answer evidently is yes, I can undetach and then re-detach. Doing so fixed my issue. I’m now able to get a successful build in Xcode.


Thats awesome, let us know if theres anything in the documentation we can change to improve your developer experience!

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