Run exp detach failed


when i use exp detach the ios files canbe downloaded but it always hangs while downloading the android codes, and i have tried many times,any suggestions please?

hi @huangll7759, we host our code on github. if you are in a country where github is blocked (, you will need a VPN. The other cause could be faulty internet connection.

thanks for replay ,i have resolved that by myself!

After I run exp detach

Validating project manifest...
Creating ExpoKit workspace at /Volumes/WORKING/App/ios...
Moving iOS project files...
Attempting to create project directory...
project dir: /Volumes/WORKING/App/ios
Created project directory! Copying files:
22:42:13 [exp] undefined
22:42:13 [exp] undefined

I tried several times but failed. please help me.

Solved with trying several times. :slight_smile: