Can I rebuild my ios directory after detaching to expokit?

I detached to expokit a few days ago, but I’ve run into some really awful configuration problems, and I figured it would be best to rebuild my entire ios directory, i.e run whatever script gave me that directory when I ejected for the first time.

Problem is that I can’t seem to find a way to do that. It can be done for vanilla react-native using react-native upgrade, but when I try that I get the error

react-native version in “package.json” doesn’t match the installed version in “node_modules”.
Try running “npm install” to fix this. Aborting.

I’ve run npm-install, I’ve deleted node-modules, nothing seems to fix this.

Anyone got hints?

You might want to try taking your JS (and any native module code changes you’ve made) and reapplying them to a freshly detached project. That might help. (Keep a backup copy of everything though!)

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