[exp] iOS: There was an error with this build


I’ve got:
[exp] iOS: There was an error with this build.

Where can I find the logfile?

BuildID: dabefc37-cbba-4242-92be-1e7d70168f07

Another question. Is it possible to open the Expo project in Xcode? And after that compile it in Xcode?

Thanks Dennis

@dennislaupman upon inspection of your build logs, it says that we were unable to retrieve your provisioning profile because of unauthorized access. Check to see that your developer account has proper permissions.

@dennislaupman in response to your other question, yes you can manage your Expo project in Xcode if you run it in detached mode. You still depend on the Expo SDK, but your project no longer lives inside the standard Expo client. More info here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/detach.html

Thanks! this helped me a lot! I detached the project and now I’m able to compile with Xcode!

Thanks in advance!