Building my next project in the open

Hi all,

I released my first mobile app recently with expo :tada:I feel a bit more comfortable with what I’m doing now so I want to make something else but this time in the open.

The App/Pitch

I’m thinking an app where you can configure and store API calls similar to tools like Postman. Then you can use these calls to create conditions (e.g. if weather API call has cloud coverage below 20%). You can then combine conditions to create blocks of logic that output something (e.g. if a nice day and low tide, it’s a good time to take the dog to the beach).

The Rational

I’m certain there’s apps like this already (IFTTT comes to mind) so this is not to become the next new big thing. It’s more to dick about and code stuff.

I will be doing it all in a public repo so if people want to tag along as I code this I’ll try and keep my commits and merge requests tidy and easy to follow. You could contribute or use it as a way to see how you might build parts of your own app.

Anyway repo is at and I just started a few days ago. Feel free to leave questions or ideas on features too, would be cool to build something with others.

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