A few first-timer questions.

Hey there, friends. React developer of nearly 4 years here, but working on my first RN project. I have these questions for more experienced RN developers:

  • Is there any kind of development app store to deploy to, or do you simply see it working on your machine and ship it straight to the app store EOD Friday with some superhuman confidence?

  • Would you suggest against publishing an app before it is fully production ready? I have considered publishing at milestones and figured it would be harmless since I won’t be promoting the app just yet.

  • Anything else you wanna share to help out a first timer like myself?


I’m not really the best person to answer these questions :slight_smile: but since nobody else has answered yet, I’ve give it a try.

For iOS there is Testflight. I haven’t tried this yet myself. As far as I understand it it’s like a beta testing thing where you allow certain people to download and install the app on their phones.

There are also various mobile testing services for running your app on a large number of different devices.

Also look into release channels (and promoting a build from one release channel to another.)

I suppose the risk of publishing an app before it’s production ready is that you could get some bad reviews from people coming across it and trying it out. But as long as it’s basically functional (but just lacking features) I don’t see why you shouldn’t do this.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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