If you ever need to vent about anything or listen to someone anonymously made with love and EXPO

I can’t believe, I made this.
I am a web developer never thought I would make mobile apps.
React native gave me a directions and expo gave me the tools.
Its like expo gave me confidence, plus you guys gave quick responses when I was sleepless.

Anyways lets talk about the app.
247Buddy is a platform,where you can talk to someone and pour your heart out or listen to someone who wants to be heard. While being anonymous.


Its free to use, no adds.

Made with love to help fight depression. 247Buddy still not yet in beta but I would love to hear your feedback.


This is a great idea. I played with it, nice that the SMS verify works.

thank you for the kind words!!

also I would check this out:



Account kit doesn’t work natively so I used webview.

And a big thank you to @edgar for your quick support

Really like the idea, good luck with it, if it becomes popular, I’ll deffo use it.