Anyone in Berlin?

Hey guys, anyone here using Expo in Berlin?

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Yes - Kreuzberg/Mitte

Awesome, what sort of projects are you working on these days?

Hi Cameron,
I am from Argentina and in July I will travel for almost 2 months to Germany.
I develop applications with Expo since April of last year and sincerely I feel very comfortable working with him.

Do you know any event of react native (If it is with better Expo) that is done over there?

Thank you.

Cool guys. Maybe we can all get together for a coffee some day. You guys should join the FB group and we can plan an event with anyone else this summer.

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Yes, is a good idea.
I’m already in that group, my name is Leandro Favre.

Hey guys, did anyone make it to Berlin. I’d be up for hosting an Expo meet up if you guys would like to join.

Let me know.

Hi! I’m in Leipzig! Right now knowing Munich. Some meet up in next days in Germany?

Would anyone in Berlin be interested in speaking about using Expo to build a basic prototype?