bare workflow assets with expo-updates: status and best practices?

I wish the docs would cover this scenario better:

Bare workflow with hopes of using expo-updates and expo publish --target bare:

  • big files (e.g. audio)
  • exclude from native bundle
  • include in update bundle
  • do not download during update
  • download when needed (when calling downloadAsync)
  • cache correctly (don’t redownload if unchanged)

I read everything in issues 8221 and 8222, but am even more confused now.

Currently my understanding is that this is not possible and I have to roll my own solution.

I also wish the CLI docs would explain what the --target bare option does.

Still interested in this, even though i had to give up and implement a custom download and caching scheme, basically reimplementing expo-assets, but with bugs. It also means managing a separate hosting service in addition to the expo CDN.

I hope at least expo-updates turns out to be usable and reliable in the bare workflow.