App.bundle and app.manifest in bare workflow

I used the expo-cli (v3.17.18) to init a bare workflow app using the bare workflow minimal (TypeScript) template. As a result, in the ios/NAME_OF_APP/ folder, there is a folder called Supporting that contains the files: app.bundle, app.manifest, and Expo.plist. In the android/app/src/main folder, there is an assets folder that contains the files: app.bundle and app.manifest. App.bundle and app.manifest are in the gitignore so they are not checked into version control. However, if another person clones the repository, running react-native run-ios or run-android fails to build the app because its missing the app.manifest and app.bundle files. These folders and files do not exist in a project created with the react-native cli.

Does anyone have any idea what these files do and why they are not in version control or just how to solve this in general? In both the android and ios folders, the app.bundle is blank, and the app.manifest contains “{}”. Also, what is the Expo.plist file used for? It contains keys with placeholders of YOUR-APP-SDK-VERSION-HERE and YOUR-APP-URL-HERE, so it appears I am supposed to replace them with something.

Thanks for any insight and help!

hi there! Expo.plist is used by expo-updates: expo/ at master · expo/expo · GitHub

you can remove those files from gitignore to resolve your issue of sharing the project:

# Bundle artifacts

i think i will change this to be the default

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Thanks for the help!

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