Bare workflow upgrade documentation?

Wasn’t sure if this was the right category to post in.

I’ve been using the “bare” workflow with react-native-unimodules for a while now. I’ve been looking at bringing in expo SDK 35, but I’m not certain of the steps involved. I can guess at what I should do, but I was wondering if there were upgrade instructions anywhere that I couldn’t find?

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hello! you can update the expo-* packages and react-native-unimodules to the latest versions. the react-native version didn’t change between 34 and 35 so no additional work required there. if you use the expo client for your project too then you should follow the instructions from the blog post as well.

i’m working on an expo-cli command to make this easier and will add some more formal instructions to the release blog post soon


@notbrent is there a general guide on how to upgrade with bare workflow though? For example, on the SDK 36 blog post it is suggested to use expo upgrade, but it doesn’t mention workflows. Is it ok to use that command on a bare workflow? And the official documentation has an “Upgrading Expo SDK Walkthrough”, but it’s in the managed workflow section. After React Native 0.62 will be released I guess a new Expo SDK release will follow. How and what we should upgrade then? I also use web (react-native-web) with Expo…

you can use expo upgrade in a bare project to update the expo dependencies, yep. we don’t have a guide on that yet, but aside from updating the expo pieces with that command it’s mostly up to the developer to handle the rest