Axios and SDK 32 - console.error on every request

I upgraded to expo SDK 32 so I could use a library that was not working with SDK 31.

Every time I make a request to my backend I get the following error.

console.error: "There was a problem sending log messages to your development environment"

It’s super annoying because the requests are returning their expected responses and when I dismiss this error the app is working properly. The second I make another request the error banner pops up again.

It makes it hard to test things. I also don’t want to switch to another request library yet, but will do if need be.

It’s definitely an axios expo thing. I’m pretty positive on that. If I comment out my requests, I can switch screens without error except the data that should be there obviously isnt.

This didn’t happen on SDK 31

Just to update - this is 100% an SDK 32, Axios issue.

I switched to Frisbee and no longer have a problem.

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