Authentication with Google docs might lead to Keystore rewriting

I was just having a look at the Authentication with Google docs on Android Native and found a misleading line that almost got me into resetting the Keystore on my app.

Signing-certificate fingerprint :

  • Run expo credentials:manager -p android then select “Update upload Keystore” → “Generate new keystore” → “Go back to experience overview”
  • Copy your “Google Certificate Fingerprint”, it will output a string that looks like A1:B2:C3 but longer.

This one should be preceded or completed with the mention that the Generate new keystore should only be done if you don’t have a keystore already. If you do have it, you should just run expo fetch:android:keystore to get the Google Certificate Fingerprint and use it.

Probably a link here should also be added.

I was one keystroke away from resetting my Keystore. Not critical because I do have multiple backups of it but not sure everyone will do.

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