How to Generate new App Signin Key


I had a lot of trouble trying to upload a new version on Google Play Store. I ended up thinking my app signin key might be corrupted because eventhought I didn’t change anything since last time I uploaded my app, google keeps telling me that my app signin key is wrong and the doc of expo explaining this matter is quite confusing to me.

Anyway, I decided to ask google for a new app signin key. I have two choices: “Do you want Google to generate a new app signing key?” or “Do you want to provide your own app signing key?” . So my question is: what should I do ? What is the best choice when using expo ? How would I provide my own app signing key ?

And also, when I will have my new key, how will I handle the app bundle creation ? Thanks in advance, I really need help right now

I’m not sure what you mean “ask google for a new app signing key”, where do you see this option? If you talking about this

it’s not related to your problem, normally there is no way to change this keystore, but recently google allow one change to update to the stronger key.

I’m assuming you are using app signing by Google Play so in App signing page you should have fingerprints for app signing cert and for upload cert. Run expo fetch:android:hashes and compare output with hashes on Google Play Store.

When running expo fetch:android:hashed I get the following output: “keytool error: Invalid keystore format”. Do you have any advice for me to fix this issue ? Anyway thanks for your reply

Run expo fetch:android:keystore and check if command keytool -list -keystore your-keystore.jks and what is the output of that command?
Does expo build:android fails for you (if it does please provide link)?
What version of expo-cli are you using?
Did you clear credentials at any point?
Did you generate original credentials or provided them manually?

My previous build did work but the last build I threw didn’t: I did clear the credentials cause I couldn’t make the signed APK key match google play’s. I probably shouldn’t have done that. My version of expo-cli is 3.0.9

Run expo build:android -c and let expo to handle credentials. After build is complete run expo fetch:android:upload-cert, this command will create .pem file.
Go to google play console and ask google play support team to reset your upload cert / keystore. In “Upload certificate” section of “App signing” page there will be link to contact them. Attach .pem file to the message.

Ok good because I just rebuild the app letting expo handle the process. I will get the pem file and ask google. Thanks a lot for helping

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