Resetting keystore

Hello people, relatively new to this and need some help.
To get some stuff working on my next app update I remade everything and built my app as a new app. When attempting to update the app in Google Play Store, I was told the upload certificate fingerprint did not match. Probably made a new Keystore with the new build, so I rebuilt it using --clear-credentials and uploaded my old Keystore that I had backed up. This didn’t make any difference so I changed the name and slug in app.json to match the previous update. Still didn’t work. Now I’m out of ideas to what I can do.

I checked the fingerprint of the old Keystore I have saved and it doesn’t seem to match the one Google wants either. I don’t know enough about this to know if that means I somehow have the wrong one or not. Is there any way to restore to an older version of the Keystore from Expo servers that matches the previous version of the app?

Any help or advice is appreciated

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