ApplePay modal dismissal results in PassbookUIService quit unexpectedly

This happens with Apple Pay on simulator, running SDK 24. basically, I go through and add a payment through paymentRequestWithApplePayAsync, then after the process has completed, I call completeApplePayRequestAsync. The process completes, the Apple pay modal is dismissed, but then I get an error stating: PassbookUIService quit unexpectedly. The app seems to work fine after I dismiss the error, so I’m not exactly sure what is happening here. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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I have created a video so you can see the results, and also made a repo so you can take a look. This does this on my own application, and this fresh detached build, same results.



I’d kind of like to know if it’s just doing this on my machine, or if others are having this issues as well. If someone has time to confirm this is an issue, it would be greatly appreciated (just make sure to put in a stripe test key and run pod install in ios folder).

Hi! Have you found a way to resolve this trustfall?


I’m having the same issue!