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My team and I developed an app a year ago, released and published on App Store. Originally, we started with Expo SDK 23, but right now we’re up to Expo SDK 31.

Recently, I tried to trigger an app transfer to another Apple developer account. That’s when I stumbled upon the following issue: the app transfer is now allowed, due to Passbook Integration API being used.

I am confused because we haven’t used Passbook Integration API at all. Neither in the current features of our app nor in any of the past ones. I contacted the Apple Developer support team, their response is that their systems indicate that Passbook is activated on our side and we can’t do the transfer.

I understand that some Expo modules do use it (like the Expo Payments module for Apple Pay I guess), but we don’t use it. I double-checked and the only Expo modules we use (import) are MapView, Location, Permissions, LinearGradient, Constants, WebBrowser, Svg, DangerZone.Localization, Facebook, Google, Notifications, Amplitude, AppLoading.

Is the Passbook Integration API activated by Expo below the hood? Can we deactivate it somehow?


Hey @superkalo,

I just raised this issue internally. We’ll circle back when we know more information.




@superkalo (or someone else affected by this issue) - would you be willing to share the build ID of the most recent .ipa you submitted to the App Store? (or the .ipa file itself – you can email it to We’re currently trying to determine how this happened, and we will update with more information as soon as we can.

cc @hristoeftimov – in case your likes on these posts are indicating that you’re experiencing this issue too

@esamelson, @adamjnav, thanks for reaching out!

I sent you guys the build ID + the .ipa file itself to

PS: Yep, @hristoeftimov is part of our dev crew too.

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We’re having the same issue.

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